" In tune with your taste Buds, for an unforgettable unique and Exotic experience. "
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Welcome to Dine Hill

Bringing to you the one-of-a-kind experience in the field of cuisine which is not only uniquely different but a treat to remember and understand the unchecked and exclusively tasty, sumptuous and delicious beyond description food with specialization in Exotic Arabic and Indian Dishes  beyond compare. Our dedicated preparations with fine combination of hand picked spices make it an experience, to the enjoyment of food lovers who undoubtedly relish our presentation. Not to forget the GRILLED CHICKEN which is one of the most sought after dish, the reason being, it is drained off its fat when it is slowly grilled for a period of more than an hour to slowly bake and condition itself to a yummy finish, Thereby the grill is left maximum fat free and much preferred by those who love food but do not want to take risk of taking fatty preparations. Our other special treats consist of Laham Mandhi, Marag, etc.


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